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Core Business Principles

Taiwan Craftsmanship, Swiss Essence

Located in scenic mountain region -No. 70, Shing Long Street, Shieh Cheng Village, Shin She Shiang, Taichung County, Taiwan. Founded in 1975. Stone furniture introduced in 1985 Special floral man-made sink and bath fixtures developed in 1995 2002 Technical development of the entire product line reaches sixth generation 2006 Introduces Long Teng Century, displaying rare stonework craft Future: Mountain craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation

Snow Flower translucent stone

Tachih sales center

Snow Flower translucent stone

Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center

During the day the king washstand

Longchang Exhibition Center

Circulation Technology

In each process works, the best works are craftsmen, and this technology can from the old master of the previous generation has been handed down, but also our technology will not change.....

Crafts Circulate Etiquette

raining process creative design talent

Humanities and insisted on hand

Depth of learning, exploratory and experimental matchmaking

Staff education and training

Team inspired design and craft creative energy

RONG JIH international customers visit

With the growing prosperity of trade and economic activities, RONG JIH processes are more and more opportunities to come into contact with the client countries, and for the first visit to Taiwan customers, are all inter-process produces a great interest in Wing.......

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